Summer Skin Rescue Kit

Hey everyone!
This summer we have a special kit your body will LOVE! 

Kit contains:
1 UltraCleanse and 1 Seal Salt Scrub
1 Lip Moisturizer Swab
1 Eye Make-up Remover Swab  (one of our faves)
1 Cuticle Conditioner Swab
1 Loofah Sponge

Take your beauty care to the next level with the UltraCleanse & Sea Salt Scrub: Head to Toe Spa Treatment Brush Set. The UltraCleanse 360 ̊ rotating handheld brush set will buff away dry, dead skin from head to toe. The waterproof and battery operated technology of the UltraCleanse allow for maximum cleansing while showering. Get cleanse specific with four removable attachments designed to gently exfoliate, cleanse and smooth the entire body, leaving the afterglow of a professional spa treatment.

TEI Spa’s unique Sea Salt Scrub brightens and hydrates the skin without abrasion or harsh chemicals. Salt Scrub exfoliation aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal younger looking, smoother skin. In addition, cleansing with salt scrub improves blood circulation, clears the pores, and ensures regeneration of new skin cells. Mild enough for use anywhere on the body, TEI Spa Salt Scrub can be used on the most sensitive skin types for gentle exfoliation. Studies have proven that the Ultra Cleanse is just as effective in cleansing as similar $200+ products.

Don't wait to get yours now. This offer is for a limited time only!
P.s. Enter coupon code: summer2012 to receive FREE shipping ;)

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  1. Thoughtful comment with beauty care and spa. In the season of summer, we are filling tiredness then spa can be able to fit our body and we fill comfortable to use this. In hare I can see different types of natural spa product.

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